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**The Michiana Area Currency initiative is no longer active. This page is available for archive pruposes.**

Michiana Area Currency is working to revitalize the downtown areas in South Bend and nearby towns, and to enrich community life in our region by developing a “community currency” to serve this region.

We are a nonprofit association consisting of residents of the South Bend area that want to invest in the local economy. By placing value on local good and services, community currencies can give our cities more control over our choices of jobs and the quality of life in our community. We would love to have you join our team in making Michiana Area Currency a reality.

We are working to lay the groundwork for our community currency initiative. In the meantime, though, people can begin to test out the ideas behind local currency by participating in our skills and services database. Find local people who need work and who can provide skills and services you may need. Encourage those you know who are un- or under-employed to join the Michiana Area Currency network and get our community working again!

Letter below posted on March 25, 2011

Dear friends of Michiana Area Currency (MAC),

Michiana Area Currency is closer to launching than ever before. We realize we have been quiet for a while, but things are progressing. We have a team of volunteers that are working hard to develop a plan and raise the resources and skill we need to make our local currency a success. We hope to see you at some of these upcoming events, and we invite you to check out our new Michiana Area Currency Facebook Page: Michiana Area Currency Facebook Page Link.

We encourage you to "Like" our page, browse around, and let your friends know about it. Pictures of the currency design are located on that page as well as on our website: www.michianacurrency.org. You can also find on our website and Facebook Page more information about MAC and other complementary currencies, newsletters, videos, and a frequently asked questions list for both individuals and businesses.

If you want to be involved or volunteer to help us build the community currency network, please contact us--you may send an email to info@michianacurrency.org and make the subject headline Volunteer-- and/or attend these upcoming events:

We thank you for your continuing support and interest in MAC as we work towards revitalizing downtown areas in South Bend and nearby towns in order to enrich community life in our region.


Rich Molina
MAC Volunteer

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